Do you ever struggle with writing?

Writer's BlockYou know you can write. You’ve written things before. You’ve taken writing courses. Other writers have complimented your efforts. You even have an inward feeling that you are supposed to write. That you always should have been writing.

But when you stare at the screen, you don’t know where to start. You hit enough keys to make a sentence. Then another sentence. And eventually… a paragraph. But the transitions are rough and jerky. The paragraph you thought was readable is really just a hodgepodge of random thoughts that no one in their right mind would want to read. (Even your mom would struggle with it.)

In the meantime, your blog sits vacant. A nice WordPress theme taking up space on the internet. Nice pictures, a few nice thoughts … sitting.

You then start to think maybe you’re just a “tortured” writing soul. One of those wannabe’s who attends writers’ conferences, knows some writers, studies about writing, but never writes anything more than a journal. Maybe it’s better if you don’t write so the world isn’t filled with any more random writing that just takes up space.

Surely Hemingway didn’t struggle like this. And there’s no way Debbie Macomber had this problem. And
all Patricia Cornwell had to do was look at a letter of the alphabet and a mystery was born.

Then, in the midst of your inward difficulties, you remember something that from a recent writer’s conference.

You have a unique way of saying things that will be heard by a unique group of listeners. No one else can write with your unique voice that can reach people no one else can reach.

So you say a prayer, put on some good music, get a cup of dark roast coffee with that pleasant aroma. And let the words flow. At least that’s what I did.